One great idea can change everything.

But only if it’s embraced by people who are equipped to pursue it.

We’re backed by one of the most successful faucet brands in the history of the planet, Delta Faucet Company. We leverage Delta Faucet technology, manufacturing capabilities, and financial resources to bring our ideas to fruition.

The new stuff.

Our Ocean Plastic Shower Head uses up to 35% recycled nearshore ocean plastic.

Ocean Plastic Showerhead

A sustainable showerhead partially made from ocean plastic to help—not harm—this planet we call home.

Happy person in a colorfully lit shower.

Smart Home Shower Sensor

Add sound and color to your shower. Our newest innovation pairs with your existing connected home devices to create a completely immersive showering experience.

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An image showing water coming out of the shower head, showing that it can be tilted and customized.

Spa Shower Concept

It’s our all-new take on showering. This idea is so fresh, it’s not even available for purchase yet. But we’d love to know what you think.

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Past Innovations.

It was too good to last. These innovations have been discontinued, sold out, or incorporated into the lineup at our partner brands: Delta, Brizo, or Peerless.

Colorful Shower Heads

Bring your shower to life with bright colors, bold patterns, and a curated collection of colorful bath accessories.

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Omni-Angle Water Massage Showerhead

Embody: Omni-Angle Water Massage Showerhead

Experience your shower as it should be with an immersive, all-angle water massage experience.

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A hand using the glass rinser by rinsing a cup with the water flowing into the sink..

Glass Rinser

No more stained wine glasses. No more lingering smoothie crud. We designed the Glass Rinser to power away hard-to-reach residue. The idea was a success, and it’s now sold through the Delta brand in multiple finishes and materials.

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A hand waving over the touch + touchless fauet, showing that it can be turned on without touching it.

Touch + Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Turn it on with a touchless wave. Or a simple tap. Or, go old-school and use the handle. The Touch + Touchless Faucet gives you plenty of options.

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An image of the cameo showerhead, showing the water spraying from the shower head.

Camouflage Shower Head

This nifty little twist on a classic shower head happened when we started playing around with the hydrographic printing process.

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An image of the handwash faucet on a dark background.

Precision Handwash Faucet

Nothing unnecessary. Not even handles. It owes its remarkable shape to a revolutionary construction process—one that literally fuses individual grains of metal together, one at a time.

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