What is the First Wave Innovation Lab?

First Wave is the Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company. We’re a team of engineers, industrial designers, and marketers that dare to try new things. Our mission is to dream up innovations in the home water world. We take bright ideas and see if they work in real life through intensive engineering testing. Once we know a concept doesn’t defy the laws of physics, we market test it with individuals like yourself, so you can tell us what you think of it!

Wait, so are you Delta Faucet?

We are a part of Delta Faucet Company, but we are not the Delta brand – we’re First Wave! We’re a small, separate team in Delta Faucet Company with our own selection of products, which may or may not become part of the DFC portfolio after we’ve tested them. This means our customers get the latest innovations from a team that thinks like a startup, but is backed by a trusted, industry-leading company.

So what’s in it for me?

We get vital feedback from you about our products, and you get the earliest of early access to the latest innovations; not to mention that your feedback will help shape the future of those products. Rest assured that we will never sell a product that isn’t ready, and all of our products are backed by a Two-Year Limited Warranty, so if you’re not satisfied just contact us.

I signed up to receive updates for a product that is still in the concept phase. Do I need to do anything else?

That's it! As updates become available, we will email you about the product's progression through our development process.

I bought something off the site. What can I expect next?

We'll send you an email confirming your purchase. We won't charge your card until your product is on its way!

How can I stay updated on the new products First Wave is testing?

Our products move fast, just like us. The best way to keep an eye on what we’ve got up our sleeves is by signing up for our email program. We’ll let you know the minute we’ve got something new on its way – and you might even get a chance at exclusive product offerings. We solemnly swear not to send you spam, just innovations, info and insightful questions.